We Offer

We offer science communication services. If you are an expert and need help with communication, we are here to help.

1:1 sparring sessions via Skype

Do you need information or inspiration on how to get started with science outreach? Do the online options for outreach seem overwhelming and is your target group not clear to you? We offer 1:1 sessions via Skype to get you started. One hour, no commitments.

– We advise on the best way forward for you
– We guide your through the various platforms
– We give you tips to minimize time and maximize impact

PR and strategic communication

Do you want a strategy for public relations and media? Do you want full control of what goes live and when? And to whom? We can help build a PR and media strategy to gain high impact in public. We also offer quantitative measures for success.

– We build your PR strategy
– We manage contact to public media and journalists
– We help set up your social media


Are you just getting into science communication or do you have experience? Are you looking for a long-term collaboration or a short sprint to boost your results in public? Either way, we can help whether you optimize for web or want impact on print.

– We compose press releases and articles
– We create content for CV and websites
– We create content for social media


Do you want to serve your science with a storytelling illustration? A picture says more than 1,000 words and by creating the right image for your audience you have a much higher probability of delivering the right message.

– We create science illustrations
– We offer content for web and prints
– We create graphics for science merchandise


Do you want to become a better communicator? Do you need help delivering your message? Or maybe you need 1:1 training in public speaking? We offer workshops in public speaking, text composing and illustration design.

– We offer public speaking courses and 1:1 training sessions
– We offer courses in text composing and editing
– We offer introductory courses to DIY illustrations

“The Package”

Are you looking for a ‘communication package’ on your recent scientific publication?
We offer a science communication package with a press release, illustration and a popular science version of your paper.

– We write a press release and popular science article with illustrations
– We manage media contact and boost the news in public