You published a science article in a journal – now what?

First of all: congratulations! You made an important contribution to science and now it is time to tell the world about it.

If you are working at a university you can most likely contact the communication staff and ask for help on making a popular science article about your work. Most universities are interested in sharing their research with the world and many also are already active on platforms and in network, that can help advertise it. Some also have access and competencies to make video interviews with their researchers.

If you are active on Twitter, share your article in your network. Maybe a journalist will pick up your work and have interest in writing about it for their magazine or news paper.

If you are ambitious you can make a video about your work and share on a video platform such as YouTube. This requires more work and you will have to either have the skills or find someone who will help you. And if you are really keen on making a video, you can even buy a professional photographer to make one with you.

One advice: no matter which journalist you engage with, make sure to run a check on the magazine or paper they represent. The internet is full of pseudo-science and scientific wannabes. These are not the ones this website encourages contact with.