Quick Guide: Get Started Now!

Science communication has many faces, and there is no golden way to do it. With that being said there are some ways to get started right away. As you go along, you can of course adjust your material, build strategies, change content and so on, but sometimes the motivation comes with getting started. In the spirit of taking the first step, here are some suggestions on how you can get started today and be a science communicator tomorrow.

Currently, the easiest way is to get on Twitter and start sharing your science via the hashtag #scicomm. However, if you want more ‘meat on the bone’, here are some suggestions:

Write an article

Find a scientific topic of interest and write an 500 word article. Go over it and edit a few times, before you post it online. If you already have an online blog you can post it there, otherwise use the post function on a social media platform like Facebook and LinkedIn. Wait for the reactions – and use them constructively to develop your communication skills. If you are more ambitious, contact some popular science media and ask for their feedback. Maybe they are interested in publishing?

Embrace social media

Social media can be useful. Set up an account on Instagram and start photographing your science. Post it with an explanatory text to convey a scientific topic and wait for reactions.

Set up a website

If you are up for the challenge then build a website. Introduce yourself and start a blog about your science. Gain readers by advertising on your social media accounts.