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We specialize in science communication. If you are an expert and need help reaching your audience, we can help you.

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Majken B. E. Christensen
Science communicator and owner.

I have a degree in astrophysics and have worked several years with PR and science communication. I specialize in science writing and public speaking. I have worked professionally with science communication since 2015, when I established Astronomicca Outreach Consultancy.


Signe S. Cardow
Science illustrator.

I specialize in illustrations that are self-explanatory. Additionally, I edit videos and create podcasts.


Anne Sofie
Anne Sofie Talleruphuus
Intern (September 2019).

I have a degree in engineering and focus on machine learning. I have a large interest in outreach and use programming to investigate science communication publications as a part of my internship at Astronomicca.